Museum of the Artists' Colony at the Black House in Solingen Höscheid

The Bettina Heinen-Ayech Foundation will try to initiate a museum of the artists' colony from the historic studios and living quarters of the artists' colony in Solingen. The Foundation has therefore commissioned a Solingen architectural firm to draw up plans for the conversion into a museum.


History of the "Black House

Research of the history of the Black House and the Red House by historian Dr. Beate Battenfeld

The location of the Artists' Colony - the so-called "Black and Red House" - are two old half-timbered houses, situated on one of Solingen's oldest arterial roads in the district of Solingen - Höhscheid. Both houses are worthy of preservation and look back on a long history, as they are also connected to the old Höhscheid lead mine. The renowned historian Dr. Beate Battenfeld has now researched the history of the houses on behalf of the Foundation and summarised it in an expert report.

Dendrochronological age determination

Dendrochronological age determination of the houses of the Artists' Colony

One of the important goals of the Foundation is to initiate a museum of the Artists' Colony in the two former houses in Solingen that were used by the painters as studios, a complex consisting of two half-timbered houses, the larger of which bears the name "Black House" and gave the colony its name, and a smaller neighbouring building, the so-called "Red House". The foundation has now arranged for the structural substance of the houses to be examined and the plans for their conversion into a museum to be supported. In this context, wood samples were taken in order to date the houses using dendrochronological methods.


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